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V.A. Pop Cycles (Legendary CD-R Collection) Part 1, Vols. 1-4 (PopSike)

Pues otra nueva aventura está servida, y es que hace ya unos cuantos años que quería presentar esta estupenda colección "Pop Cycles", de doce volúmenes, toda una histórica del underground musical, y es que esta colección nunca ha estado a la venta y solo se hicieron unos cuantos CD-R que se distribuían casi de mano en mano.
Está colección me la envió un buen amigo inglés con el cual teníamos reciprocos intercambios, así como peticiones de "cosas raras", y me impactó desde el primer momento. Intenté obtener la autorización de su autor, pero no fue hasta el año pasado que pude contactar con el personalmente y accedió a ello.
En aquellos días estaba trabajando arreglando una habitación para mis nietos, y esos doce volúmenes sonaban ininterruptidamente uno tras otro, con lo cual el resultado fue una habitación mágica. De ellos extraje bastantes canciones para mis series, sobre todo para "Tommentón En La Cuadra" y es que aunque hay bastantes cosas conocidas, hay algunos temas que incluso hoy en día son difíciles de localizar, además, tiene mas valor por los años en los que se realizó de 2004 a 2009.
Tiene a destacar una bonita parte gráfica con imágenes, como no, de bicicletas, y unas excelentes notas en cada volumen, aunque desgraciadamente faltan en alguno.
Sinceramente creo que es una colección excepcional basado en popsike y sonidos cercanos, de estas que te puedes poner hasta la saciedad sin que lleguen a cansarte y mucho menos a aburrirte.
Pero bueno, os dejo al autor, "The musical navigator" a ver que nos cuenta sobre la realización de la serie y nos hable un poco sobre esa época dorada de los CD-R, y como funcionaban:

Twenty years ago streaming did not exist, downloading barely existed. Many lost LPs and great 45s went unknown except to crate digging DJs for their regular alternative 60s nights. It may not be an exaggeration to say that today, there are more 60s sounds known than to anyone who was actually listening In the 60s such is the vastness of finds and spread through the internet. Twenty years ago though, the 60s reissue scene was very much dominated by garage and psych records, especially compilations as it had been in the1990s.
Pop Cycles (the pun being cycles of pop music represented by Edwardian adverts for bicycles), was a non-commercial attempt to get a more varied range of lost 1960s and 1970s 45s into people’s ears. Like many collectors, I started to compile my vinyl finds onto CDR for digital listening and from there, I thought they should be shared. Thus, Pop Cycles grew as a series in the early 2000s when CDR was the main digital carrier of music (until the coming of I-Pods anyway). It ended up as twelve volumes with 14 CDRs (two were double CDR sets).
I should point out that Pop Cycles was a collaborative effort. These were my original records and usually my liner notes where there were any, but there were a range of other collaborators. These kind souls sauced cover art and images of and information on artists or tidied up my label scans. They organised the random whole I sent them into an organised booklet and cover art. Others gave their time to mastering my initial needle drop disc into something a lot more eloquent sounding on their laptops as the software that enabled this became more available. These collaborators did this in the same spirit I compiled them in, that is to resuscitate unfairly obscure records and freely make them accessible again, for the love of the music, not for any commercial gain. Having said that it did cost me quite a bit in CDRs, printer ink and paper and blank CDRs to send them physically, all nicely dressed around the world each time a new volume came out! Over the years of course, I have noticed how quite a few of the inclusions on Pop Cycles have turned up on commercial compilations or even anthologies of the artists concerned. So I like to think that maybe the series played a part in getting them noticed and more widely heard still.
The CDR and its variants such as re-useable CDRs that could be wiped, music CDRs that were for use with a Phillips stand-alone recorder, Japanese CDRs that always seemed to have a higher respect level of quality than others, have all but disappeared as MP4s, lossless files etc. have become the norm, though I see Super Audio CDs (SACDs)  still have a fan base despite blu ray audio discs with atmos and 5.1 surround sound mixes coming in many super deluxe box sets these days (does anyone, remember mini-discs)? There were a very great many un-reissued
albums back then that people traded needle drop CDRs of, just for the hunger to hear them. Many over the years have become commercially available which is a good thing. There is no doubt though that the frenzy of CDR trading back then enabled these albums to emerge as rediscovered gems in the primary market later on and hence the cornucopia of music we can access commercially now. 
CDRs were cleaner and simpler to use than the old ‘mix tape’ C90s that they replaced and felt forward looking. Now they are simply ‘old tech’ Fortunately as a medium proper CDs are still very much alive and kicking, especially in well presented box sets. Long may they be so. It is important though to remember the ways and means that music is rediscovered and transmitted in the digital age where everything moves so fast and barely leaves a trace of the route taken to get to the newest innovation. I like to think Pop Cycles is evidence of that memory along with the countless other home-made given-away compilations in the formative years of this new millennium.

The musical navigator.

Pop Cycles Vol. 1

01 - The Love Children (Featuring Little Joe) - Easy Squeezy
02 - The Rokes - Put The Pen Down
03 - Paul & Barry Ryan - Progress
04 - Los Canarios - Get On Your Knees
05 - The Fourmyula - Start By Giving To Me
06 - The Bats - Picanninies           
07 - The Fortunes - His Smile Was A Lie
08 - The Decision - In The Shade Of Your Love
09 - Joyces Angels - Rodney Reginald Smithfield Harvey Jones
10 - Two & A Half - Christmas Will Be Round Again
11 - The Odyssey - Beware
12 - The Mereseys - Lovely Loretta
13 - The Decision - Constable Jones
14 - Music Motor - Where Am I Going
15 - The U.S. Males - Come Out Of The Rain
16 - Paul & Barry Ryan - Love, You Don´t Know What It Means
17 - The Bats - The Image
18 - The Rokes - 28 Giugno
19 - Lincoln Black - You Build Me Up So High
20 - General Assembly - Sensitive Mind
21 - Annie Philippe - Boeing Jet Et Caravelle
22 - Paul & Barry Ryan - Hey, Mr Wiseman
23 - The Fourmyula - If I had The Time
24 - Good Rats - Gotta Get Back
25 - J C Heavy - That Woman´s Mind
26 - Introduction By Spencer Leigh
27 - The Fourmost - Easy Squeezy

Pop Cycles Vol. 2

01 - Bobby Goldsborough - No Fun At The Fair
02 - Barry Mason - Rowbottom Square
03 - John Christian Dee - Take Me Along
04 - Barry Denson - I Can't Wait
05 - Davey Sands & The Essex - Advertising Girl
06 - Lotus Land - Mr Lion
07 - Amen Corner - World Of Broken Hearts
08 - Arbors - The Letter  
09 - Paul Slade - The Sound Of Love
10 - U.S. Males - Open Up Your Heart
11 - Bobby Goldsborough - Hold On
12 - Steven Lancaster - San Francisco Street
13 - Mike Wallace - Natural High
14 - Two And A Half - Walls Are High
15 - Music Motor - Happy   
16 - Shame - Don't Go 'way Little Girl
17 - Love Children - Every Little Step
18 - New Inspiration - Happy Charlie Madman
19 - Barry Benson - My Friend And I
20 - Johna P. Jones - My Father  
21 - A&A North - Rosemary
22 - Giant Sunflower - February Sunshine
23 - Colors Of Love - I'm A Train
24 - Johna P. Jones - My Mind Is Losing Me
25 - Davey Sands - Oh What A Naughty Man
26 - Barry Mason - American Girl
27 - Fourmost - Easy Squeezy

Pop Cycles Vol. 3

01 - Kayak - Mammoth
02 - Disraeli - Spiinin' Around
03 - Back Alley - Soda Pop Man
04 - Love machine - Lonely Hearts Club Christmas Party
05 - Earl Okin - Stop and You Will Become Aware
06 - Dave Christie - Love and the Big Brass Band 
07 - Marvin, Welch & Farrar - Marmaduke     
08 - Jawbone - Mister Custer
09 - Fickle Pickle - Saturday Morning
10 - Green Lyte Sunday - She's My Lover   
11 - The Stuarts - Just a Little Bit More 
12 - Chapter II - Count                   
13 - Paul Slade - Remember Daphne
14 - Matt Monroe - We're Gonna Change the World
15 - Earl Okin - You're Not There at All
16 - Jess & James - Julie's Doll
17 - Jawbone Brave White Knight                             
18 - Fickle Pickle - Sunshine Pie
19 - Gary & Stu - Lemon City
20 - The Casuals - Tara Tiger Girl
21 - Chapter II - The End is There            
22 - Community - Louisina
23 - Paul Ryder & The Time Lords - If You Ever get to Heaven
24 - Paul Ryder & The Time Lords - Are You Ready
25 - Pink People - Indian Hate Call
26 - Pink People - Psychologically Unsound
Pop Cycles Vol. 4

01 - Wayne Fontana - Waiting For a Break in the Clouds
02 - Stan Devereaux - Know That It's Happenin'
03 - The Off-Set - A Change is Gonna Come
04 - The Goodtime Singers - Come On Train
05 - The Hello People - (As I Went Down To) Jerusalem
06 - The 4 Seasone - Electric Stories
07 - Abe & Malka - Shakin' Up the Nation
08 - Dave Christie - Penelope Breedlove
09 - Peter Courtney - Dr - David's Private Papers
10 - David & David - In The City
11 - The Shadows - Dear Old Mrs - Bell
12 - Disraeli - Humidity 105
13 - Zakatek - I Gotcha Now
14 - Variation - Down The Road
15 - Wishful Thinking - Clear White Light
16 - Earth & Fire - Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight
17 - The Grammy Fones - Now He's Here
18 - Barbara & Ernie - Play With Fire
19 - Foxy - Trouble
20 - The Hollies - Hey Willy
21 - Bobby Bland - Yolanda
22 - Jolliver Arkansaw - Lisa My Love
23 - The Off-Set - Xanthia
24 - Ganim's Asia Minors - Daddy Lolo
25 - The Racket Squad - Suburban Life
26 - Abe & Malka - Sealed With a Kis

Solo restan las canciones de degustación, una por volumen:

Two & A Half - Christmas Will Be Round Again
Lotus Land - Mr Lion
Fickle Pickle - Saturday Morning
Dave Christie - Penelope Breedlove

Hasta aquí la primera de estas tres partes de esta brillante colección repleta de grandes temas de Popsike, y como es costumbre, las restantes partes se irán publicando cada dos semanas, para dar entrada a otros proyectos.
Agradecer de nuevo a "The Musical Navigator" este trabajo que espero sea un poco mas conocido, pues méritos para ello ya los tiene.
Hasta la semana próxima.

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jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Pop Cycles 1-4






Tom dijo...

Hello Jose, hello musical navigator,
many thanks for this offer.That are the kind of CDs which I like because I learn a lot "for me new" 60s bands and tracks to know.So this first of more Pop Cyles are very GREAT for me to hear.
Fortunes, Odyssey, Rokes, Bats....every track are fantastic
Thanks for the "Navigator" to give his "yes" for posting it and THANKS for you; Jose for this offer !! A good day begins wth a look on your musical web side.Thanks for it!!Greetings Thomas

Gummo dijo...

Thank you!

Rob Kopp dijo...

Thanks José and your navigator. This looks to be a great series and I look forward to the other 8 volumes.

Stu dijo...

Many thanks José & The musical navigator for sharing this wonderful collection of PopSike, as always it is very much appreciated all your time and effort that goes into your wonderful blog that keeps us all entertained....Love & Peace Stu

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

My friends Tom, Gummo, Rob & Stu:
Thanks for your nice words.
I think it's a great collection and it also has the value of the year it was made, where it was difficult to get these recordings.
It is a collection that all music lovers must have.

Solaran58 dijo...

Thank you for your hard work in putting together some shares or help.

Manny Kent dijo...

Thank you Jose. As you say it's a legendary series and well worth an airing!

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Thanks friends Solaran and Manny Kent for your words.
I have always wanted this blog to be participatory, and I am lucky to have many friends who share their work or who help me with mine.
This makes it a living blog and it's fun.
I also have an obsession that the old private works are preserved and not forgotten, like the one presented today, which is also one of the good ones.Cheers

Rob Kopp dijo...

Biggest surprise for me: Pink People. Weird sound for 1964. BTW: Track 26 of vol. 3 only lasted a couple of seconds, but I found the full version.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Thanks Rob for the alert.
I had on my PC two versions of Pop Cyles and in one of them the track 26 of vol. 3 was cut. I don't know for what reason.
The full track is here:


Not P.W.


lemonflag dijo...

Thanks Jose also thanks for the replacement.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Lemonflag
Thanks for your visit.
In these jobs it is common to make mistakes.
Fortunately there are always friends who let you know.

Psy Guy dijo...

Remember this series being talked about in the very early incarnations of the It's Psych forum?

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Psy Guy
Well, unfortunately I didn't know about that forum, although this collection has also been discussed in Regal Zonophone.
I think it is one of the best in its style.

juan manuel muñoz dijo...

Buen día. Link de Pasajes Oníricos. Saludos.


jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Gracias Juan.
Perfecto! mañana tenemos viaje.
Esta semana hemos hecho otro viaje y nos hemos comido los dos últimos, incluida la sección de "La Cámara de los Horrores", que cada vez es mas terrorífica.
Saludos para todos.

Anónimo dijo...

Me quedaria con
la segunda y la
ultima , de no .
ser porque la
segunda tiene
un ruido mas
raro que el
carajo, no
la cancion,
sino la calidad.

Orlando dijo...

El anonimo
soy yo.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hola Orlando.
Cualquiera de las cuatro son bien buenas, y con respecto al sonido creo que está bastante bien, teniendo en cuenta que las sacaría de los vinilos originales.

miguel alsina dijo...

Hola José, imposible descargar este archivo y el de Swedish Nuggets. Lo he intentado varias veces y en todas me detecta un troyano, en concreto el troyano Wacatac. Podrias volver a subirlo en otro servidor? Gracias por todo!!

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hola Miguel.
Pues este tema se trató hace unos días en el foro de Old Melodies, alguien detectó lo mismo que tu, pero otros no tuvieron problemas, y al final, aparentememte son falson positivos muy frecuentes en Windows Defender, yo uso windows 11 y los acabo de descargar sin problemas.
Swedish Nuggets se analizó con Virus Total dando una total limpieza en muchos servidores y ni un solo positivo. Puedes ver el informe que puse en Swedish Nuggets.
La misma persona probó este archivo con una nueva versión de Windows Defender y le salió limpio.
Estos dos archivos se han descargado sobre 300 veces en Mediafire y en Drive me imagino que igual, aunque no te da estadísticas.
Escríbeme a mi correo que está en "Mi Perfil" y miramos mas cosas.

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you for this interesting post.
I too can not download this file, virus detected ?
Can you upload agian ?
Maybe by WeTransfer or Google Drive ?


jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hello Friend.
Everything seems to be false positives. Almost everyone can download it. Here it is also in Drive, try it and tell me.
Read all the comments for Pop Cycles 1 and Pop Cycles 2.