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V.A. Even More Dutch Nuggets (Compiled By Rob Kopp)

Otra nueva aventura, que estoy encantado de presentar y es la tercera parte de los "Nuggets Neerlandeses" que nos ha ido regalando el amigo Rob Kopp, y es que creo sinceramente que desde que casualmente contacté con el, mucho a influido en este blog, pues nos ha hecho conocer lo mejor de la música de su país, que todos conocíamos muy vagamente y solo de los artistas de mas éxito, pero a partir de ese momento, todos los meses suenan sus canciones en la serie "Tommentón En La Cuadra", y parece que la cosa no tiene fin.
Y es que Rob, es quizás la persona mas experta en la música de su país, por su profundo conocimiento, como deja claro con la publicación de su trilogía "PLUT's Eerste Nederlandse Platenboek", toda una "Biblia", con un minucioso repaso a los discos publicados en la época, aparte de mil facetas, que para acabar antes os recomiendo que le echéis un vistazo a su WEB, para que veáis su extenso currículum.

Pues para esta ocasión ha preparado una nueva colección de canciones, todas ellas minuciosamente presentadas y con una pequeña reseña de cada una, pero bueno, yo creo que lo mejor es que Rob os presente este nuevo artefacto:

♬ ♬ ♬  

Even More Dutch Nuggets (61 songs) is the follow-up to 60 Dutch Nuggets and More Dutch Nuggets (59 songs). They can be found here: 

Please follow the first link when you want to know how the selection process went. 
Just like the first 2 volumes, CD2 contains the songs with a1966-feel (nice songs, jangling guitars, baroque sound), while the other more rougher songs are on CD1.
All the songs on CD1 and CD2 are ordered per year and within a year in alphabetical order of the band name or family name, with one exception. The first track on CD1 is Down at the bottom, the only song on this compilation that has the maximum of 5 stars (*****).

The Outsiders

I hope you will enjoy volume 3Even More Dutch Nuggets just as much as volume 1 60 Dutch Nuggets and volume 2 More Dutch Nuggets.
Volume 3 contains songs with 2 stars (**), while I still have 11 songs with 3 stars (***), but I don’t know if there will be a Volume 4, as it would contain more than 2 songs per artists. So I better give you those 11 songs: Golden Earrings: Please go; Boudewijn de Groot: Beneden alle peil, Ze zijn niet meer als toen, Cinderella, Als de rook om je hoofd is verdwenen; Rob Hoeke R&B Group: Margio; Outsiders: If you don’t treat me right; Q 65: You’re the victor, And your kind, Cry in the night, Ann.
(When you want to burn CD1 and CD2, you can select 2 seconds between the songs)

Side A:

01 Q 65 – Down in the bottom (LP Revolution 1965 *****)

The Hague. Howlin' Wolf cover on their classic album Revolution, a must-have. The original dates from 1960. As I still have 4 ***-songs that are not on Volume 1, 2 or 3 (see above), I consider Q 65 as the best Nederbeat band. 

02 Les Baroques - Such a cad  (2A [2nd single a-side] 1965 **)

Baarn. This was a small hit. It reached #8 in the Top 40.

03 Cuby+Blizzards - I'm so restless (1B 1965 **)

Grolloo. Blues band.In the 70’s guitar player Eelco Gelling shortly was in The Golden Earring.

04 Motions - Be the woman I need (1st LP Introduction 1965 ***)

The Hague. Track from their classic debut LP “Introduction to The Motions”, also a must-have.

05 Motions - You bother me (2A 1965 ***)

While The Golden Earrings were for the girls, The Motions were for the boys. 

06 Outsiders - You mistreat me (1A 1965 ***)

Amsterdam. 2 sleeves, with and without Op-Art.  

07 Peter & The Blizzards - Bye bye baby (2A 1965 **)

The Hague. 2 labels and sleeves.  

08 Mariska Veres - Is het waar? (1B 1965 **)

The Hague. Cover of the Brenda Lee song Is it true. The original dates from 1964. The cover by Mariska Veres has the same backing (by the Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra) that was used on the German cover Ist es wahrbyConny Froboess.

09 Armand – Dat is juist de pest! (1B 1965 ***)

Eindhoven. First released as Twee minuten(Two minutes) (sleeve left), but with the second pressing this was changed 

to Dat is juist the pest (That’s just the pest) (sleeve right). 

10 John Hatton & The Devotions - I should be ashamed (3B 1966 **)

Zaandam. John Hatton co-wrote Iekk! I’m a … freak by Adjéèf The Poet that’s on 60 Dutch Nuggets.

11 Heralds - I wish I was strong (1A 1966 **)

Breda. With a fantastic fuzz guitar.

12 Annet Hesterman - Draag schoenen om te lopen ( 1966 **)

Nieuwendijk. Cover of Nancy Sinatra’s These boots are made for walking. In 1968 she was asked to join Shocking Blue, but she refused. In 1969 she can be heard on the last Ro-d-ys single Winter woman.

13 Rob Hoeke R&B Group - Rain, snow, misery (3A 1966 ***)

Haarlem. The b-side When people talk is on 60 Dutch Nuggets. 

14 Jay-Jays - Today I'm gay (LP Jay-Jays 1966 **)

The Hague.Track from their classic debut LP “Jay-Jays”, again a must-have.

When Hans van Eyk left the Jumping Jewels (the Dutch Shadows) on new years eve ’65, the others continued with the abbreviation Jay-Jays.

15 Kwyet - No time for tears (1A 1966 **)

Delft. They were allowed to record their only single when they won the “Beat in the Kethelstraat”-concours on April 16, 1966. 

16 Peggy March & The Hunters - Too long away ( 1966***)

American singer, accompanied by Dutch band The Hunters feat. Jan Akkerman.

Released at the same time as the Hunters classic Russian spy and I that is on 60 Dutch Nuggets. 

17 Mods - Brown paper sack (2A 1966 **)

Utrecht. Gentrys cover. The original also dates from 1966.

18 Q 65 - I despise you (3A 1966 ****)

The Hague. This double sider (with ballad Ann on the other side) was a small hit.  It reached #19 in the Top 40.

19 Rolling Beats - Sweeter than you (1A 1966 **)


20 St. John & The Crew  - I'm a man (1A 1966 **)

Utrecht. Excellent freakbeat.

21 Bintangs - Please do listen (5A 1967 **)

Santpoort/Beverwijk. The Dutch Rolling Stones.

22 Bojoura - Looking for the land part 2 (LP Night flight, night sight 1967 and 4B 1968 **)

The Hague. Discovered by George Kooymans (Golden Earrings) who had singing lessons with her mother.  

23 Groep 1850 - I want more (Fingertips) (2A 1967 **)

The Hague (1966-1968 as Groep 1850) and Amsterdam (1969-1974 as Group 1850).

24 Honest Men - In my room (2A 1967 **)

Enschede. The Dutch Hollies.

25 Jenny & The Rascals - That's a man's way (2A 1967 **)

The Hague. Wilson Pickett cover. The original dates from 1966.

26 Lazy Bones - I'm driftin' (1A 1967 **)

Haarlem. Free single for new members of the local public library. Again a Wilson Pickett cover. The original I’m drifting dates from 1966.

27 Els Molenaar - Gezakt of geslaagd ( 1967 **)


28 Rhythms – Everytime (EP 1967 **)

Utrecht. Everytime is not the songEvery time that was released on the first release of Platenclub Utrecht in 1995.

29 Tykes - Hey girl (1B 1967 **)


30 Dragonfly - Desert of Almond (1B 1968 **)

Vlissingen. The a-side Celestial dreams is on 60 Dutch Nuggets.

31 Bonny St. Claire - I surrender ( 1968 **)

Rozenburg. Accompanied by The Nicols. Lord I’ve been thinking is on 60 Dutch Nuggets, while I can’t forget her is on More Dutch Nuggets.

Side B:

01 Sandy Coast - I'm a fool (2B 1965 **)

Voorburg. The a-side Subject of my thoughts is on 60 Dutch Nuggets and is regarded as the best Nederbeat song, both by José and me.

02 Sound Magics - When I meet her (2B 1965 **)

Doesburg/Arnhem. In 1996 this song was covered by The Thanes. The a-side Don’t you remember is on 60 Dutch Nuggets. 

03 Beatniks - Wouldn't you like to know (1A 1966 **)

Ede-Wageningen. Not to be confused with The Beatni(c)ks from Norway, who spelt their name with ‘ck’ and ‘k’ as well. Can’t be sad about it by The Beatnicks is on More Dutch Nuggets. 

04 Conny van den Bos - Paleis met gouden muren (13A 1966 **)

The Hague. Real name Jacoba Hollestelle. Her brother Peter was the singer of Peter & The Blizzards (CD1 song 7). With Bert Paige Orchestra. 

05 Bumble Bees – You (1B 1966 **)

The Hague. A girl of my kind is on 60 Dutch Nuggets.

06 Cats - With a girl like you (German VA-LP Beat-protest & Folksongs 1966 and Dutch VA-LP Neder-beat 1968 **)

Volendam. Up to ’67 excellent beat, since ’68 awful palingpop (eel pop; Volendam is a fisherman’s place). Troggs cover.

The original also dates from 1966.  

07 Chapter II - East of my place (1A 1966 **)

The Hague. Formed when Ronnie Lake joined The Young Ones.

08 Cheese Town Jewels - No one else (1A 1966 **)

Gouda, famous for it’s cheese.

09 Dukes - It's my turn Dukes (2B 1966 **)

Nijmegen. They had a hit with their 3rd single, the Easybeats cover Friday on my mind. It reached #1 in the Top 40, but that was mainly because of The Easybeats.

10 Falcons -I'm that man (1B 1966 **)

Hilversum. In 1967 they became Sammy Soul Set.

11 Golden Earrings - That day (3A 1966 ***)

The Hague. The Golden Earring (without an “s” since 1969) probably is the most succesful Dutch band ever. 

12 Boudewijn de Groot - Verdronken vlinder (LP Voor de overlevenden 1966 and 6B 1967 ****)

Haarlem. The English version Beautiful butterfly by Baldwin is on 60 Dutch Nuggets (I should have slowed that down to the same length as this Dutch original: not 2:17 but 2:27)  

13 Hamlets - Looking in your eyes (1A 1966 **)

Beverwijk. They had their own magazine ‘Hamlets fanblad’.

14 Interpreters - The only man for you (1B 1966 **)

Heerlen. The a-side Any time is on 60 Dutch Nuggets.

15 Midnatt Fyran - Always and ever (1B 1966 **)

Amstelveen. Lenne & The Lee Kings cover. The original dates from 1965. When you’re lonesome is on 60 Dutch Nuggets.

16 Phantoms - After tomorrow (6A 1966 **)

Eindhoven. Cockneys cover. The original dates from 1964. Tormented is on 60 Ducth Nuggets.

17 Scarlets -Please come home (1B 1966 **)

The Hague. The a-side Now I know is on 60 Dutch Nuggets.

18 Surfgroup Check – Maureen (1B 1966 **)

The Hague. Their 4 singles for 4 different record companies were released under 4 different names: Surfgroup Check, Check, Group Check and Groep Check.

19 Roek Williams & The Fighting Cats - Take your time (5A 1966 **)

Amsterdam. Written by Robbie van Leeuwen and Sieb Warner of The Motions and the backing track IS by The Motions. The Motions didn’t record the song themselves before 1968.

20 Wo?w - She'll be mine (1A 1966 **)

Utrecht. In 2011 the Platenclub Utrecht released 2 unreleased songs as PLUT 011.

21 Moan - Everyday is just the same (1A 1967 **)

Arnhem. Cloda Rogers cover. The original dates from 1966. Formed when The Sound Magics changed their name (CD 2 song 2). Later they became Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers.

22 Outsiders - Summer is here (7A 1967  and re-release 1968 ***)


23 Ro-d-ys - Take her home (2A 1967 ***)

Oude Pekela. This song was a hit. It reached #3 in the Top 40. It was also releasded in the USA and Canada.

24 Tee Set - We will be there after tea (2014-4CD Mythology 1967 **)

Original of the hit by After Tea and another cover by The Spencer Davis Group. feat. co-writer Ray Fenwick.

25 Golden Earrings - Gipsy rhapsody (12B 1968 ***)

The Hague. B-side of The truth about Arthur, a single that was not released in The Netherlands, but in Germany, Italy, Greece and Japan.

26 Scott Harris - Barry Johnsons Sad Eyes Inn ( 1968 **)

Rotterdam. Solo single by John Vis, singer of Disillusion ’21.

27 Inn-Sect - Walking in the rain (1B 1968 **)

Rozenburg-Maassluis. The a-side Let me tell you about the things I need is on More Dutch Nuggets.


28 Liesbeth List - De sneeuwkoningin (LP Pastorale 1968 and Belgian single 1972 **)

Bandung (Indonesia). De sneeuwkoningin (The snow queen)  was co-written by Boudewijn de Groot and resembles his songs Prikkebeen and Cinderella. With Bert Paige Orchestra.


29 Livin' Blues - Murphy McCoy ( 1968 **)

The Hague. Written by Rinus Gerritsen-George Kooymans (Golden Earrings).

30 Mike Tingley - A real fine time (1A 1968 **)

American singer. Also opening track of his 1968-LP The abstract prince. Main reason to include him: the single and LP were only released in The Netherlands and are recorded with my favourite orchestra from that time: The Bert Paige Orchestra.


♬ ♬ ♬  

Unas canciones de demostración:

Q 65 – Down in the bottom
Sandy Coast - I'm a fool
Golden Earrings - That day
Outsiders - Summer is here

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Ya veis que casi tenemos a Rob en plantilla en este blog, bueno, solo me resta agradecerle este esfuerzo y esperar a las nuevas aventuras que seguro correremos con el. Hasta la semana próxima

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Even More Dutch Nuggets
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Rob Kopp dijo...

Thank YOU Jose, for placing this on your wonderful blog. You can be sure I will put a link to this post on several Dutch (and other) blogs. Until the next contribution, whatever it may be.

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Hi Rob:
It is always a pleasure to have your work on this blog, I am already looking forward to the new adventure.

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Hi Jose

Excellent compilation, it is also possible to have the first two volumes

Thanks Rob Kopp
Thanks Josè

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My friend Fulvio.
All of Rob Kopp's work is quality guaranteed.
The links to the other two parts are in the post.

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Thank you again, Rob, for another simply wonderful parade of gems.

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My friend
Rob's work has a full guarantee.

Tom dijo...

Hello Jose, hello Rob ,

what a fine and superb collection of more Dutch Nuggets.Thanks for this great compilation!!!
I enjoy the music!!Greetings Thomas

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I hope you like it.
Is a great compilation.
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Another good job, Rob. A great big thank.
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My friend Jean Jackes.
This blog could not exist without the help of many friends. It's what satisfies me the most.
Rob has been the great disseminator of the music of the Netherlands, thanks to his masterful knowledge.
For me, his collaborations are quite an honor.

Psyclist dijo...

Looks like another very interesting compilation of unknown Dutch nuggets! Thx Rob & Jose

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Psyclist
I think you'll like it, there are very good songs.

javierfuzzy.blogspot.com dijo...

Flyin´shit!! it´s more life in Netherland than the ones of Focus, Shocking Blues, Outsiders, Golden Earring, Gruppo Sportivo, Bettie Serveert...Great to get caught by this extraordinaire.
José & Rob, if you plan to drop out in Madrid give me a call. Not catacombs here but more fun!!.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

¡No me jodas Javier! tener que usar el translate para enterarme de lo que dice uno "Del Foro"
Me quedo con un telefono, pa cuando vaya a Madrí, a ver las catacumbas, que haberlas hailas.
Me llevo a Rob.

Rob Kopp dijo...

Weel, if everybody is so enthousiastic, it might be I'm going to think of a 4th volume anyway. We'll see.

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Hi Rob, you already know that you are "the boss" of this blog.
Everybody happy

Orlando dijo...

cuatro canciones,
y no descarté
ninguna , es
casi de record,
Rob sabe lo que
se hace .

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Buen día, amigos. Buena tarde para ustedes. Les dejo el link de Pasajes Oníricos. Saludos.

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Amigo Orlando.
Esta semana no se podía fallar entre tanta perla.
Son bien buenas las cuatro, aunque mi favorita es la de Sandy Coast, y me estoy currando al Rob para que le ponga al menos un par de estrellas mas.

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Hola Juan.
Veo que esta semana la tecnología a funcionado a tope.
¡Estáis hechos unos cracks!
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Mas o menos, sin exagerar. Jeje. Saludos recibidos y correspondidos.

Racati dijo...

Mon ami Jose,
Otro gran trabajo de Rob! Demuestra el gran nivel de los artistas holandeses de los sesentas. Solo un pero. Tengo problema con el idioma holandes al igual que todos los del norte y del este de Europa. El holandes especialmente me suena muy gutural y me quita el gusto de escuchar la musica. Sera por mi avanzada edad?
Amical salut.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Mon ami Racati.
Todavia recuerdo un tiempo no muy lejano donde dilucidábamos cual fué el tercer pais musicalmente hablando de los sesenta, que si, Canadá, que si Australia, que si Paises Bajos, hasta que llegó Rob y en su primer "Nuggets" dejó las cosas mas que claras, en que eran los tulipanes los terceros de la lista.
A eso hay que añadir que nadie sabe mas de música de allí que Rob.
Lo de las lenguas es cuestión de acostumbrarse, a mi ya no me parece tan raro, será por la cantidad de discos en ese idioma que he escuchado ultimamente.

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¡Muchas gracias, Jose! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Gracias Concha por la visita.
espero te guste.