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V.A. PLUT (The record label of Platenclub Utrecht), Nederbeat, Complete Recordings


Cuando el año pasado el amigo Rob publicó aquí su "More Dutch Nuggets", hubo un tema que me impactó, el "Lonely Me" de los "Flingelbunts", y rápidamente me puse a investigar sobre la banda y solo encontré que tenían un EP, lo busqué por todas partes sin éxito, así que recurrí a Rob para ello, no me fijé que estaba editado por PLUT, el sello de estos fanáticos del nederbeat, del que forma parte.

Me envió el EP y luego me preguntó si estaba interesado en el resto de sus publicaciones, cosa que evidentemente no tuve que pensar lo mas mínimo. 
Me sorprendió el muy buen nivel de todas esas grabaciones y me quedé asombrado de que estas grabaciones no apareciesen en su época y quedaron olvidados no se sabe donde.

Pero el buen hacer de este grupo, desde 1995 ha ido publicando poco a poco unos cuantos discos, todos ellos en vinilo, en formato 7".
Creo que este trabajo de amor, que es como solo se puede definir, es injusto que queden nuevamente olvidados, así que le propuse a Rob la publicación en este blog, y tras consultar con el resto del grupo, la idea tiró para adelante, y aquí están todas estas grabaciones.
Pero bueno, mejor que Rob nos cuente alguna cosa sobre este proyecto:

My friend Jose asked me if he could post something about PLUT, the record label of Platenclub Utrecht, a club of 6-7 record collectors from Utrecht in The Netherlands who aren't only collecting records  but are also releasing them!
I guess José got this idea when "Lonely me” by The Flingelbuntsbecame his 3rd best Nederbeat song, after “Subject of my thoughts” by The Sandy Coast and “Take me the way I am” by The Thunders.  
The majority of the members had no objections against José’s wish to post everything, so here they are: all the tracks of the 13 records that we’ve released in 1994-2021

(The last record has number 014, but PLUT 005 was only announced and not released).
All the bands are Dutch beat bands, all the tracks were recorded in the 60’s  but not officially released at the time (acetates or tapes) and every record has 500 copies. We always got permission from the band members (except with PLUT 002, but that was before internet).
In word-document "PLUT (The record label of Platenclub Utrecht).docx” (13 pages) you can find more information about Platenclub Utrecht (4 pages about our members, monthly meetings, records and books) and the bands and our records (9 pages with info from PLATENBOEK).

In PDF-files "PLUT sleeves and inlays.pdf” (78 pages) you can find all the sleeves and inlays, while "PLUT Platenclub Utrecht 25 jaar 1990-2015.pdf” (21 pages) contains the little booklet  that was made by PLUT-member John Ravensberg when we existed 25 years.
We hope you enjoy these Nederbeat tracks as much as we did when we released them.
And when you like a track that much that you like to buy the record:
contact Hans Evers via the 2nd email address below or have a look on Discogs.

Rob Kopp,
compiler of 60 Dutch Nuggets and More Dutch Nuggets that you both can find on this blog

E-mail: rob.kopp@x4all.nl or pluthans@gmail.com

PLUT 001 (1995) The Rhythms: Every time / Go with him - You’ll come back to me
Utrecht, 1965-1968. In '67 they won a Fats Waller concours and were allowed to record a single. Ron Blansjaar, later pop journalist of Utrechts Nieuwsblad, was chairman of their fanclub.
3 unreleased tracks/versions from 1967; Everytime is another song than the 1st track from their EP.

PLUT 002 (1996) Peter & The Blizzards: A picture of you - Nobody but you / You’re my baby - Away from me
Den Haag, 1965-1969. Not to be confused with Peter van Wijk & The Blizzards. Peter Hollestelle is brother of Conny van den Bos. 
4 unreleased tracks from an acetate from 1965

PLUT 003 (1997) Group $oall: Stephanie/ Will you teach me how to love #1- Well I’m a boy
Hillegom, 1960-1969. The band was called Tommy Clifford & The Apllicants, Jerrry & The Applicants and J. and The A's before they changed their name to Group $oall. 
3 unreleased tracks/versions from 1967

PLUT 004 (1999) The Zipps: Mad man’s diary / Marie-Juana #1
Dordrecht, 1965-1971, with a short break in '68. The Dutch Pink Floyd. One of the few real underground groups, with Zetalightshow. They also accompanied Philippe Salerne.

PLUT 005 (2000) Golden Earrings: Not to find (this 7” is not to be found)
7" Lonely everyday / Not to find
Polydor S 1185 (promo with stamp), Polydor S 1185.
This most expensive Dutch single (it went on Ebay for $2285) was withdrawn as soon as they found out Not to find grammatically should have been Not to be found.

PLUT 006 (2000) Don Devil & The Drifters: I’m gonna get you/ Roodborstje - Caravan
Gorinchem, 1963-1966. Formed when Arie van Soelen joined the Drifters, who started in '63. On 631109 the Drifters performed with a new singer and the audience was invited to think of an artist name for Mr. X: Don Devil was born. In '65 there's also a single by F.J. King with D.D. & The Drifters. At the end of '66 they changed their name to Sweet Nothing
® '63 at GTB, Den Haag; It'll be me and Foottapper 

PLUT 007 (2003) The Needles: Just on the phone / Growing mad
Den Haag, 1965-1967, no release before '03. Formed when The Beatnicks changed their name.
Recorded on the same day and in the same studio as Hello Josephine by The Scorpions.

PLUT 008 (2007) The Stylets: Come to me / Hi-heel sneekers
Roosendaal, 1962-1966, no record before 2007.

PLUT 009 (2010) Les Mystères: Summertime - Someone / San Antonio rose - Can’t you see
Den Haag, 1963-1965. A.k.a. Mariska & Les Mystères. The very first recordings of Mariska Veres. 

PLUT 010 (2011) Wo?w: Bluesy Bull / Excuse me baby
Utrecht, around 1966-1967. Pronounce Wauw in Dutch. v/h (before) The Jugglers. In '78 Jos Ringeling made a solo-7" as Jos Anders. Henk is the father of Claudia de Breij.
After the release of their PLUT-single they reunited. They practice every 3 weeks in the DB’s studios in Utrecht and once a year they have a big party for family and friends in De Roskam in Houten.

PLUT 011 (2015) The Vaunts: Lonesome shepherd / Someday
‘s-Gravensande (Westland), 1965-1967. Founded when The Rolling Stars changed their name. 4 members emigrated to Australia, Belgium, Canada and Thailand, but they all came to the presentation of PLUT 011 on the 11th of April 2015 at 11:11 at the Mega Platen & CD beurs in Utrecht.

PLUT 012 (2017) De/The Fallouts: Je praat teveel - Linke Diederik / Clouds - Pickpockets
The Fallouts from Valkenswaard have released 2 singles in the sixties that both have become collectors items: in ’66 De vlieg / Hartstikke doodand in ’67 I’m sick of living / I’ve been waiting. EP PLUT 012 again contains two Dutch and two English songs and all four songs have been recorded 50 years ago in 1967 in the ELA-studio.

PLUT 013 (2020) The Flingelbunts: Hey you - Lonely me / De ezeltjes - Omaatje
The Flingelbunts from Den Haag arenamed after the track The rise and fall of Flingel Buntby The Shadows. EP PLUT 013 contains 2 English and 2 Dutch songs that all have been recorded in 1966 in the GTB studio in Den Haag: Hey you - Lonely me / De ezeltjes - Omaatje. The last track is a cover. The original from 1964 is by Jerry Bey, brother of the Zangeres Zonder Naam. The Flingelbunts have turned this tearjerker into a true beat song.
According to José Lonely me by The Flingelbunts is the 3rd best Nederbeat song, after Subject of my thoughts by The Sandy Coast and Take me for what I am by The Thunders. When the guitar lick in Lonely mesounds familiar to you, you probably also knowTell me when it’s over by The Dream Syndicate.

PLUT 014 (2021) The Gunners: Television / Big pig - Marie-Grazie
PLUT 014 is a maxi-single with 3 tracks by The Gunners from Eindhoven: on the a-side Television and in the b-sideBig pigand the instrumentalMarie Grazia. The first 2 songs are studio-recordings from 1967, the 3rd track is a live-recording from 1966. After PLUT 004 by The Zipps, this record is one of the more psychedelic issues of Platenclub Utrecht.
40 copies had a black-white sleeve and 50 copies a black-white-red sleeve, but of course we should have made it like a TV! A missed opportunity.
Also with The Gunners we had enough songs for an album. We discussed the possibility to add a bonus-EP with 4 Jimi Hendrix covers Purple haze, Manic depression, Bold as love and Red house, but this bonus-EP didn’t make it either. 
The majority of the PLUT-members preferred not to add bonus tracksto this PLUT-special, so again: maybe something for one or more Tommentón en la Cuadra compilations?

Cuatro canciones de muestra:

The Stylets: Come to me
The Vaunts: Lonesome shepherd
The Flingelbunts: Lonely me 
The Gunners: Television

Y para rematar la faena, el video que grabaron los PLUT, es mas o menos como los himnos de los equipos de fútbol y es una canción que fue escrita por Dieck Tilanus, el octavo miembro de Platenclub Utrecht que quería hacer algo especial para Hans Evers para celebrar su 60 cumpleaños (en 2012). Muy divertida.

Nada mas, solo me resta agradecer a todos los miembros del PLUT por su trabajo y el haber abierto la puerta para que estas canciones sean algo mas conocidas, y si alguien quiere hacerse con alguno de estos singles que no dude en contactar con Rob, cuyo E-Mail está mas arriba.
Hasta la semana próxima.

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jose kortozirkuito dijo...

PLUT Complete






6T's Soul Searcher dijo...

Another great job !!! Thank you
6T's Soul Searcher

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hello friend.

It is a very special work, the members of PLUT rescued all these forgotten sixties songs and have re-released them on 7" vinyl. Thanks to them for giving me the opportunity to spread it.

Rob Kopp dijo...

Hello José, Thanks for asking us. We gladly gave you permission to promote our Platenclub Utrecht on your wonderful blog. Albert-Jan Willemsen, Arno Eijgenraam, Hans Evers, Henk Dogge, John Ravensberg, Rob Kopp (the 6 current members), Herman Hamerpagt (former member 7) and Dieck Tilanus (occasional member 8).

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Rob
PLUT is an example of love for music, without people like you these songs would definitely be lost.
Thanks again.

Tom dijo...

Hello Jose, what a great offer and "job" from you!! Many thanks for this great and rare Sampler with "Dutch Nuggets" from Platenclub Utrecht.THANKS to Rob and his friends for saying Yes to this hearful "project".I like the 60s also from Dutch groups.So I learn a lot of great 45 get to know and hear with your help!!! I say THANK YOU Many greetings Thomas

Rick dijo...

... Y más thanks again para el señor Rob y sus amigos, y para ti por traerlo aquí. Es otro de esos trabajos que no sería posibles si, como bien dices, no hubiese gente que sintiese este amor por las causas perdidas.

Pues nada, me lo bajo ya mismo. Y gracias otra vez.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Thomas.
I think Rob is doing a great job to make dutch bands more known, and he has succeeded, just look at the large number of them that appear in the different sections of this blog.
PLUT is a very restless and active group, despite having very few members.
It is a great example to follow.
I am very happy that I was able to post this.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hola Rick.
Realmente es muy emocionante ver como todavía queda gente con ese amor por la música.
Creo que el contactar con Rob fué un antes y un después en este blog, ya que hemos descubiertos grandes musicas con el.
Siempre teníamos la duda de cual era el tercer pais mas importante de los sesenta, tras USA y GB claro, y de un golpe, nos lo dejó claro: Paises Bajos.

Dmitrich dijo...

Jose&RobKopp, thank you. In fact, unexpected rarities that always delight. My respects to the people who kept this and had the generosity to share this with us - for team PLUT

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

My friend Dmitrich.
It's really exciting to see the love that many people have for music. Accustomed to merchants who just want to make money.
That is why I repeat that PLUT is an example to follow.
All the best.

rosieandrobbie dijo...

Hi Jose, I am sorry but the password "Contrasena" is not working It is a pity because of that very nice singles Perhaps you can help me. Regards, Rob

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Rob
Look in the CENTER of the image. They are only four letters, the lowercase initials of this blog.

Jean-Jacques Mura dijo...

Bravo Rob ! Another huge and great work ! Thanks a lot !
Thanks José for the host.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hello Jean-Jacques.
All of Rob's work is fully guaranteed.
These songs are very hard to find, and we are lucky to have them all together.

juan manuel muñoz dijo...

Hola, amigos. Link de Pasajes Oníricos. Saludos afectuosos.


Orlando dijo...

Maravillosa coleccion,
que sonido , gracias
Jose , dank Rob , de
la imagen en color ,.
uno de los dos eres tu,

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Amigo Orlando.
Estoy muy satisfecho de haber podido publicar esto.
Rob es el del jersey gris, creo, no conozco a los otros miembros, asi que igual meto la pata.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hola Juan.
Gracias por el programa,
mañana lo escucho que tengo faena en el monte, aunque no se si torturaré a la fauna ibérica.
Un saludo

Rob Kopp dijo...

Yes, it's me (Rob) in the grey sweater.

Rob Kopp dijo...

and in the picture to the right, I'm getting an upper cut by Ray Davies in pub The Clissold Arms that's situated on Fortis Green in Muswell Hill, on the opposite of the house where the Davies family used to live (Denmark Terrace).

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

sorry rob, but i don't understand the last comment

Rob Kopp dijo...

I was talking to Ray Davies and when somebody took the picture [that I use when I put a comment in blogs], he did if he was hitting me with his fist on my chin.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

now I understand!
You were talking about the image of your profile, when talking about the punch you have given me the definitive clue

babelain dijo...

Gran trabajo. Gracias a Rob y a Jose. Me lo bajo y lo oigo con detalle.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hola Bab.
No te arrepentiras. Es asombroso el entusiasmo de esta peña.

Carlos Henrique Xavier Endo dijo...

Estimado José, ¿los arquivos están protegidos con contraseña? ¿Cual és?

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Amigo Carlos.
Leete el primer comentario.