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V.A. Joe Meek, And His Magic Wand, Part. 8, Vols. 43-48, 1963 (2) - 1964 (1)


Bueno, pues esto ya va avanzando y en esta octava parte tenéis otros seis volúmenes que corresponden a los años 1963 y 1964, unos años en los que el sonido "Meek" estaba totalmente asentado y nuevos artistas se querían unir a la fiesta.
Es el caso por ejemplo de gente como "Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers", sin duda una de las mejores formaciones británicas de la época o "Screaming Lord Sutch", una curiosísima banda con un sonido único que tiene  todavía hoy en día infinidad de seguidores.

Por lo demás estos años están marcadas por la apuesta que hizo sobre todo con "Heinz" y sobretodo con "Honeycombs", con los cuales consiguió un número uno con "Have I The Right", uno de los temas emblemáticos de la carrera de Meek, con ambos artistas tuvo una intensa colaboración que dió como fruto muchisimas canciones.
Sigue tambien con gente de años anteriores como son "Tornados", "Mike Berry" o "Michael Cox", intentando rememorar viejos exitos, aunque sin conseguirlo y solo consiguieron unos discretos puestos en las listas de éxitos. Tambien reseñar las buenas canciones de su por aquel entonces amiguete "Geoff Goddard".
Aparecen n uevasbandas con sonidos mas "modernos", como por ejemplo "Syndicats" o "The Cameos", una banda que me gusta especialmente, "The "Blue Rondos" o un joven "Tom Jones", que irrumpió con una fuerza aplastante, que con el paso del tiempo se le fue aplacando.

Bueno, una visión de una parte de la música que se estaba gestando en Gran Bretaña en esos años, y como siempre "Joe Meek" a su aire, ignorando las modas imperantes esos años y haciendo lo que a el le gustaba.
Nada mas, solo la lista de canciones para que os hagáis una idea:

Vol. 43 - 1963 (V)

1 - PAMELA BLUE - My Friend Bobby  
2 - JAMIE LEE AND THE ATLANTICS - Little Girl In Blue  
3 - HEINZ - Live It Up  
4 - SILAS DOOLEY JR. - The Bathroom  
5 - PERCY EVANSTON - Don't You Make My Baby Cry  
6 - THE TORNADOS - Costa Monger  
8 - PETER JAY & THE JAYWALKERS - Poet And Peasant  
9 - GLENDA COLLINS - If You've Gotta Pick A Baby  
10 - JOE MEEK ORCHESTRA - The Kennedy March  
11 - THE TORNADOS - My Babe  
12 - SCREAMING LORD SUTCH - Jack The Ripper  
13 - GEOFF GODDARD - Saturday Dance  
14 - CHAD CARSON - Jesse James  
15 - SILAS DOOLEY JR. - They're All Up To It  
16 - HEINZ - Lonely River  
17 - THE TORNADOS - Lonely Paradise  
18 - DON CHARLES - Daybreak  
20 - GUNILLA THORN - Go On Then  
21 - THE DOWLANDS - Hey Sally  
22 - THE SAINTS - Midgets  
23 - THE TORNADOS - Swinging  Beefeater  

Screaming Lord Sutch - Jack The Ripper

Vol. 44 - 1963 (VI)

1 - THE TORNADOS - Rip It Up  
2 - HEINZ - Long Tall Jack  
3 - GEOFF GODDARD - Walk With Me My Angel  
4 - THE SAINTS - Wipeout  
5 - THE DOWLANDS - Lucky Johnny  
6 - PETER JAY & THE JAYWALKERS - The Parade Of The Tin Soldiers  
7 - SILAS DOOLEY JR. - It Feels Funny, It Feels Good  
8 - THE TORNADOS - Hymn For Teenagers  
9 - FREDDIE STARR & THE MIDNIGHTERS - Peter Gunn Locomotion  
11 - JENNY MOSS - Please Let It Happen To Me  
12 - THE ORIGINAL CHECKMATES - Union Pacific  
13 - CHAD CARSON - Stop Picking On Me  
14 - GERRY TEMPLE - Since You Went Away  
15 - THE TORNADOS - Dragonfly  
16 - MICHAEL COX - I've Been Thinking  
17 - FLIP & THE DATELINERS - Listen To Me - 1964
18 - PETER JAY & THE JAYWALKERS - Jaywalker  
19 - THE OUTLAWS - Doo Dah Day  
20 - SILAS DOOLEY JR. - Signs And Posters  
21 - MIKE BERRY - Try A Little Bit Harder  
22 - DON CHARLES - Heart's Ice Cold  
23 - HEINZ - Talkin' Like A Man  
24 - THE TORNADOS - Night Rider  

Geoff Goddard - Walk With Me My Angel

Vol. 45 - 1963 (VII)

1 - THE SAINTS - Pigtails  
2 - HEINZ - That Lucky Old Sun   
3 - GEOFF GODDARD - Sky Men  
4 - GUNILLA THORN - Merry-Go-Round  
6 - THE TORNADOS - Globetrotter  
7 - HOUSTON WELLS & THE MARKSMEN - Only The Heartaches  
8 - SILAS DOOLEY JR. - You Just Can't Do It On Your Own  
10 - BURR BAILEY & THE FLETCHERS - Like A Bird Without Feathers  
11 - SCREAMING LORD SUTCH - Monsters In Black Tights  
12 - THE TORNADOS - Dreams Do Come True  
13 - HEINZ - When Your Loving Goes Wrong  
14 - ANDY CAVELL - There Was A Boy  
15 - PETER JAY & THE JAYWALKERS - Totem Pole  
16 - MIKE BERRY & THE OUTLAWS - My Little Baby  
17 - SILAS DOOLEY JR. - Out Behind the Barn  
18 - THE TORNADOS - Locomotion With Me  
19 - GLENDA COLLINS - In the first place  
20 - MICHAEL COX - Say That Again  
21 - JENNY MOSS - Hobbies  
22 - DON CHARLES - Lucky Star  
23 - THE TORNADOS - Flycatcher  

The Tornados - Globetrotter

Vol. 46 1964 (I)

1 - THE HONEYCOMBS - Color Slide 
2 - HOUSTON WELLS - Girl Down The Street 
3 - HEINZ - (Sorry) I Ran All The Way Home 
4 - MICHAEL COX - Gypsy 
5 - THE CHECKMATES - Please Listen To Me 
6 - DEKE ARLON & THE OFF-BEATS - Can't Make Up My Mind 
7 - THE HONEYCOMBS - This Too Shall Pass Away 
8 - HOUSTON WELLS & THE MARKSMEN - You Left Me With A Broken Heart 
10 - THE RALLY ROUNDERS - Bike Beat Part 1 
11 - GLENDA COLLINS - Baby It Hurts 
12 - HEINZ - Come On And Dance 
15 - THE PUPPETS - Baby Don't Cry 
16 - ANDY CAVELL - Shut Up 
17 - BURR BAILEY - Chahawki 
18 - HEINZ - Cut Across Shorty 
20 - THE HONEYCOMBS - Have I The Right 
21 - THE TORNADOS - Blackpool Rock  

Houston Wells - Girl Down The Street

Vol. 47 1964 (II)

1 - HEINZ - Hush-A-Bye 
2 - THE HONEYCOMBS - I Can't Stop 
4 - THE BLUE RONDOS - Little Baby 
5 - BENNY PARKER &  THE DYNAMICS - Boys and Girls 
6 - CLIFF BENNETT & THE REBEL ROUSERS - Beautiful Dreamer 
7 - HOUSTON WELLS & THE MARKSMEN - Behind The Footlights 
8 - THE HONEYCOMBS - How The Mighty Have Fallen 
9 - SHADE JOEY & THE NIGHT OWLS - Bluebirds Over The Mountain 
10 - FREDDIE STARR - Just Keep On Dreaming 
11 - SCREAMING LORD SUTCH - Come Back Baby 
13 - VALERIE MASTERS - He Didn't Fool Me 
14 - THE HONEYCOMBS - I Want To Be Free 
15 - HEINZ - Don't Keep Picking On Me 
16 - HOUSTON WELLS & THE MARKSMEN - Little Black Book 
17 - KIM ROBERTS - For Loving Me This Way 
18 - HOUSTON WELLS & THE OUTLAWS - Livin' Alone 
19 - THE TORNADOS - Blue, Blue, Blue Beat 
20 - HEINZ - For Lovin` Me This Way 
21 - THE DOWLANDS - Happy Endings  

Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers - Beautiful Dreamer

Vol. 48 1964 (III)

1  THE SYNDICATS  Maybelline   
2  THE HONEYCOMBS  Is It Because   
3  HOUSTON WELLS  I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now   
4  HEINZ  You Were There   
5  GLENDA COLLINS  Everybodys Gotta Fall In Love   
6  JIMMY LENNON & THE ATLANTICS  Louisiana Mama   
7  BOBBY CRISTO & THE REBELS  I've Got You Out Of My Mind   
8  HOUSTON WELLS & THE MARKSMEN  Call Me Another Time   
9  DEKE ARLON & THE OFF-BEATS  I Must Go And Tell Her   
10  THE HONEYCOMBS  If You've Got To Pick A Baby   
11  SCREAMING LORD SUTCH  Dracula's Daughter   
12  HEINZ  Three Steps To Heaven   
13  HOUSTON WELLS & THE MARKSMEN  I Won't Go Hunting With You Jake   
14  THE CAMEOS  My Baby's Coming Home   
15  DAVY KAYE  A Fool Such As I   
16  MICHAEL COX  Just Say Hello   
17  HOUSTON WELLS & THE MARKSMEN  I'm Gonna Change Everything   
18  TOM JONES  Baby I'm In Love   
19  THE HONEYCOMBS  I'll Cry Tomorrow   
20  HEINZ  Twenty Flight Rock   
21  THE TORNADOS  Exodus    

The Syndicats - Maybelline

Hasta la semana próxima, que desgraciadamente cerraré una colección a la que he tenido un grandísimo cariño y que ha durado mas de siete años.

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jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Meek 8 (43-48)





Tom dijo...

Hello Jose, that is the kind of music I like and for that I would stay up in the night.Many thanks for a further Joe Meek Volume.I like that stuff and many thanks for your work to make several good to hear sampler.I would like to read your information on your side, but the translation function didn't work today.So I do it when it works again.Many greetings Thomas

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Thomas.
Thank you for your regular visit.
The series continues and we see the evolution of the "Meek" sounds.
There are still quite a few volumes left.
I hope the translator works for you, in Chrome it's automatic.

Rob Kopp dijo...

Hello José. Thanks for the next episode in the Joe Meek story. I expect to keep more tracks from this period (1963-1964) than from the previous years. We'll see.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Rob
This period is more of pop-music, I hope you discover something interesting for you.

Rob Kopp dijo...

I already had every track I liked, so nothing new this time. But that's no problem. I'll download the next volume in this serie again with pleasure.

Orlando dijo...

Uff que
yo que soy
dado a eso,
iba a decir
despues de
escuchar la
primera , con
ese comienzo,
acorde con el
nombre de la
cancion , nada,
sin margen de
error .

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Amigo Orlando,
El tema de Geoff Goddard es toda una maravilla, es mi favorito de esta parte junto con el de Syndicats.

lemonflag dijo...

Thanks Jose
A remarkable effort.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

My friend Lemonflag:
Thanks for your words. For me it has been a great experience, because there were many artists or songs unknown to me. In universe "Meek" is really magical.
all the best

Kay dijo...

This is truly overwhelming, sir! I found you a couple months ago while scouring the internet for more Joe Meek material, and this is more than I ever could have hoped for!

You see I've been listening to almost nothing but Joe Meek since I discovered his music back in June. I hear he's very popular but I'd never even heard of him before. His music has been such a revelation to me. It's pure uninhibited ALPHA pop, ambitiously artificial like from some bright and colorful kaleidoscopic parallel dimension!

By this era I've heard most of the material but there are still some that are new to me, such as alternate versions of songs I didn't know existed. Best of all this time is hearing more Houston Wells! I love early western music, and Joe Meek western music is an oddball combination, but a very pleasurable one to me! Houston Wells himself has a beautiful voice and beautiful yodel! Even when he is sped up and slowed down, hahaha.

Sorry if this is a chore to read but I have been wanting to thank you for all the joy you have given me these last few months. Special thanks, too, for the amazing work on the pre-60s era. Maybe it's my imagination but the roots of Meek's style was quite evident in much of the pop music in those volumes, particularly. It's fun to listen and think about.

Best wishes and love to you, sir!

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi friend.
This really is a magical universe.
It is essential to understand the music of the 50s and 60s.
This series is divided by years, and at the end there will be some volumes dedicated to songs with no exact year and some rarities.
If you're looking for rarities, Cherry Red Records is starting to release the first volumes of "Joe Meek's Tea Chest Tapes", which sound great. This will not be included in this collection, except what was previously published.