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V.A. New Zealand Nuggets

Pues parece que esta serie de los "Nuggets" está animada, pues no hace mucho el amigo Butterboy nos presentó aquí su "Australian Nuggets", a la vez que el Daniel preparaba su "New Zealand Nuggets".
Al amigo Daniel, quizás lo recordéis, pues fué el autor de una, ya mítica colección, "Oceanic Odyssey", que pudimos disfrutar aquí hace unos años. Cuando le propuse la idea de hacer su propia colección, aceptó encantado y me consta que ha trabajado exhaustivamente para confeccionarla. Hay temas de bandas mas o menos conocidas, pero también hay algún tema que muy difícilmente encontraréis fuera de esta colección.
Mención aparte el trabajo de añadir un comentario personalizado de cada uno de los temas.
Sorprende que en un país tan pequeño y tan alejado de todo, hubiese tantísimos grupos, de todos los estilos y además con un nivel mas que notable.
Parece que cuando se habla de música oceánica, se piensa en Australia y dejamos de lado a Nueva Zelanda. Grave error, pues como podreis comprobar, no tienen nada que envidiar a su gigante vecino.
Pero bueno, nadie mejor que Daniel para que nos cuente algo de estos "New Zealand Nuggets":

In the late 50s New Zealand was influenced by   Rock n Roll.  This new sound became popular at the live dances especially in the main centres.  Early rock was influenced by the american stars such as Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley.  Soon after  there was a second wave of influential music with the introduction of the surf instrumental bands - especially The Shadows.  So by the early 60s came there was an active club scene based around groups with electric guitars.  Then in 1964 we picked up on the Beatles craze and this created another new wave of groups with combos now picking up vocalists and this was the point that music really boomed in this land.  Suddenly record sales were taking off and more and more of the younger generation wanted to see bands.
That is where this series begins.  Jose was interested in a nuggets style compilation and asked me to put one together for him.  It was a great pleasure to do this.  Until recently there really had been no extensive compilations on the NZ music scene of the era.  We did have some good CDs put out with garage era numbers (eg Wild Things) which gave a good introduction to the scene and just lately a 3 CD set called "How was the air up there" which up till now is the most comprehensive official release to date.  
As New Zealand has a small population there is a correspondingly small number of groups and recordings compared with other countries.  The result of this is that you tend to find the same set of songs reappear again and again on many of our releases.  In this respect I went out of my way to find some lesser known songs to add to the classic well known numbers which define New Zealand's contribution to 60s rock.   To this end I set myself a few ground rules:   
Limit the number of songs by any one band to 2 songs...just maybe 3 in one case.
Aim for a fair representation from each year from 1964 to 1969
Ensure all songs were fairly raw representatives of the basic beat/garage style.  So I avoided embellishments such as overt use of strings, horns or psychedelic effects. - with one exception because I really like it.
Most importantly I looked to introduce a good dose of original songs in preference to the "well trodden covers" so as to provide a degree of uniqueness in this set.
So we have a set of raw ravers and other interesting attempts to create songs to the new tastes of the public.  In this series there are a significant number of unreleased songs added to the set.  While some labels, notably Zodiac, were keen to encourage new sounds a number of other labels were reluctant to release uncommercial songs to a very conservative public.  So for a number of reasons related to this many songs were never given an official release.  All in all this all adds to my version of a "New Zealand Nuggets - style" release which is provided for anyone interested in what a small country can do.  



1  TERRY DEAN & NITEBEATS  Because She Loves You (1964)  
2  SONNY DAY & SUNDOWNERS  Baby Jane (1964)  
3  SUNNY DAY &  THE  SUNDOWNERS  Tell Me Why (1964)  
4  THE CHANTS  I Forget How It's Been (1964)  
5  THE FOUR FOURS  Barrow Boy (1964)  
6  RAY COLUMBUS & THE INVADERS  She's A Mod (1964)  
9  HUBB CAPP & THE WHEELS  I'm Happy Too (1965)  
10  THE LIBRETTOS  Baby Its Love (1965)  
11  PETER NELSON & THE CASTAWAYS  Down In The Mine (1965)  
12  THE VIGILANTES  Everybody Come And Clap Your Hands (1965)  
13  THE DETOURS  My Girl (1965)  
14  THE DEEP SET  Living It Down (1965)  
15  THE RAYDERS  I'm Telling You (1965)  
16  THE BLUESTARS  Social End Product (1966)  
17  CHANTS R&B  I'm Your Witchdoctor (1966)  
18  RAY COLUMBUS  We Want A Beat (1966)  
19  THE CHICKS  The Rebel Kind (1966)  
20  THE GREMLINS  The Coming Generation (1966)  
21  JAY EPAE  The Creep (1966)  
22  LA DE DAS  How Is The Air Up There (1966)  
23  LA DE DA'S  Don't Stand In My Way (1966)  
24  MAX MERRITT & THE METEORS  I Want So Much To Know You (1966)  
25  THE MINUTEMEN  Lament Of A Clerical Worker (1966)  
26  PETER NELSON & THE CASTAWAYS  Goin' Out Of My Mind (1966)  
27  THE PLEAZERS  Is It Over Baby (1966)  
28  THE RAYDERS  A Working Man (1966)  
29  SANDY EDMONDS  Come & See Me (1966)  
30  THE SECRETS  It's You (1966)  
31  THE SIERRAS  She's The One (1966)  
32  THE SOUNDS  Face In The Crowd (1966)  
33  THE FOUR FOURS  Go Go (1966)  
34  THE CLEVEDONAIRES  He's Ready (1967)  
35  THE CLEVEDONAIRES  Lost Woman (1967)  
36  THE COSSACKS  Wednesday I'm Glad (1967)  
37  THE CRESCENDOS  Now She's Mine (1967)  
38  THE DEEP SET  The Devil Is A Woman (1967)  
39  THE HUMAN INSTINCT  The Rich Man (1967)  
40  IDENTITY  In Her Power (1967)  
41  LATTER RAIN  You Look So Beautiful (1967)  
42  LARRY'S REBELS  Painter Man (1967)  
43  MR. LEE GRANT  Love (1967)  
44  MARIA DALLAS  Ambush (1967)  
45  THE PRINCIPALS  I Can't Stop (1967)  
47  RAY WOOLF & THE AVENGERS  Little Things That Happen (1967)  
48  THE SELECTED FEW  Get The Picture (1967)  
49  THE SMOKE  No More Now (1967)  
50  THE SURFIRES  Notice Me (1967)  
51  THE TUNESPINNERS  You Were Born For Me (1967)  
52  ABDULLAH'S REGIME  Sally I Do [1968]  
53  THE AVENGERS  Love Hate Revenge (1968)  
54  CONCRETE LAMB  Turn To Stone (1968)  
55  THE FOURMYULA  I Dig Your Act (1968)  
56  THE NEXT MOVE  Go Tell The Sun (1968)  
57  SEBASTIAN'S FLORAL ARRAY  Hey Joe (1968)  
58  ANDREW  Jordan Marsh (1969)  
59  THE AVENGERS  When I Was Six Years Old (1969)  
60  THE CHALLENGE  The Crunch (1969)  
61  THE GROUP  People In The Night (1969)  
62  THE KAL-Q-LATED RISK  Waiting On You (1969)  
63  SALVATION  I'd Rather Be Asleep (1969)  
64  THE TOP SHELF  Time Beyond (Can't We Still Be Friends)  (1969)  
65  GENE PIERSON  Come On In (1970)  
66  GENE PIERSON  Oh! Sweet Love (1970)

And as for my selection of 3 songs for a  taster.  I got it down to five and finally these are the ones- I would go for - 3 quite different representatives from NZ: Love the lyrics and love the atmosphere that each song sets.

Roadrunners - LSD
Cleavedonaires - He's Ready
The Human Instinct - The Rich Man

Pues aquí queda esta muy buena revisión de la música "kiwi", creo que es un trabajo muy concienzudo que creo que os puede acercar a la música de este país. Espero que es guste.
Muchas gracias al amigo Daniel, que me consta que le volveremos a ver por aquí con alguna fascinante aventura.
Hasta la semana próxima.

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jose kortozirkuito dijo...

New Zealand Nuggets





Jean-Jacques Mura dijo...

Thanks very much for this large compilation of New Zeland's rock.

Tom dijo...

Hello Jose, many thanks for this new work from you and interesting CD Sampler!! I learn a lot now about the New Zealand music scene of the 60s! I knew only before Gremlins and Ray Columbus.The other ones are "new" for me.Good to have your offer to become now the chance to hear such great tunes!! Thanks a lot.Many greetings Thomas

Steve dijo...

Fantastic compilation of NZ nuggets! Thanks so much

Gummo dijo...

Excited to hear this - thanks!

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Jean Jackes.
Is a great comp. with many rare tracks.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Thomas:
These bands that you mention are among the best known, but there are many more of great quality. New Zealand is a musical paradise, in all styles.
I hope that Daniel can give us more jobs from his country.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

My friend Steve.
Yes, is a great coimpilation of Daniel.
I hope your like it.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Gummo.
You will find many things very difficult to find elsewhere. Daniel's collection is very meticulous.
Best wishes

Rob Kopp dijo...

These Nuggets compilations are fantastic, so I can't wait to listen to this next volume about New Zealand. Thanks Daniel for compiling it and Jose for placing it.

Rob (compiler of 60 Dutch Nuggets)

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Ri Rob.
This series is very special to me, I have met a lot of good music, and more importantly, I have made very good friends all over the world.

Rob Kopp dijo...

Thanks Daniel. After removing the duplicates I already had on other comps, 33 tracks (exactly 50%) was left, so you included a lot of tracks that were unknown to me. I kept 12 tracks I liked. Face in the crowd by The Sounds is my favorite.

javierfuzzy.blogspot.com dijo...

Congats to Daniel for such a stuuning comp. I always loved the All Blacks!!

Rick dijo...

¡Bien! Se echaba de menos a los kiwis en este blog, aunque estaba visto que más tarde o más temprano iban a caer. Claro, como dice Daniel el problema es que son un país pequeño, pero en comparación la cantidad de grupos que tiene es sorprendente; ya le gustaría a mucho países europeos tener esa cantidad de grupos.

Bueno, pues nada. A por ellos. Se me amontona el curro, aún no he llegado ni a la mitad de los australianos...

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hola Rick.
Despues de muchos años haciendo recopilatorios, he aprendido a distinguir las realizadas con mimo y dedicación de las hechas a todo trapo.
Esta sin ninguna duda esta en el primer grupo, además con bastantes temas dificiles de escuchar en otros sitios.
Nada, paciencia, y hablando en términos ciclistas, todos vamos haciendo la goma para no descolgarnos del pelotón de las ultimas publicaciones de los amiguetes.
Menos mal que esto no se pasa de moda.

Orlando dijo...

Muy buenas las
tres , no hay
mas que decir,
excellent new
zelander sound,
un saludo.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Amigo Orlando
Es que cuando un trabajo se hace a conciencia, los resultados siempre acompañan.
Para mi es uno de mis "Nuggets" favoritos.

hotrodmike dijo...

Wow, nice collection! Thanks to you and Daniel for sharing it.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Hotrodmike:
The heroe of this compilation is my friend Daniel.

montysmusic dijo...

For a guy who works in a Gas Station in NZ this is a stunning peice of work. I've been telling daniel he should write a book on NZ 60's music as he is a great scribe.
I'm honoured to have been pals with Daniel for quite a few years
He has told me he is thrilled at all the comments here.
Thanks also to Gentleman Jose for making this happen

LittleJack dijo...

This will make my week ! Thanks !!!!!

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Monty, a pleasure to have you here.
I think you were the one who put me in contact with Daniel when we introduced "Oceanic Odysseys."
He is a great person, full of enthusiasm and very easy to work with.
Yes, he is a great connoisseur of the music of his and Australia's àis, and the idea of the book is interesting, I don't know if there is anything written about the music of New Zealand.
Sure there will be more jobs from Daniel.
Best wishes

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Little Jack
We hope it is a great week!

Racati dijo...

Mon ami Jose,
Un "Nugget" de los buenos esta claro. Ya tenia bastantes de los temas pero la recopilacion me ha permitido descubrir Abdullah's Regime, Clevedonaires, Sierras y Terry Bean.
Lo que me ha estrañado mucho es la ausencia de grupos que me parecian importantes como A-Cards, Bari And The Brekaways, Dave Miller, Tom Thum y Tongues. Y solo un tema de Larry's Rebels! Porque sera?
Congratulations to Daniel for his great work.!
Un amical salut.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hola Racati.
Si que es de los buenos este. Las ausencias que tu citas tienen su explicación, lo primero, como tu sabes por experiencia, que el autor tiene total libertad para escoger los temas, y siempre el oyente echara alguno en falta. Recuerdo por ejemplo en el neerlandes la ausencia de Touch de los Outsiders, para mi uno de mis cinco temas favoritos, pero Rob consideró que había temas mejores. Nada que objetar.
Y otra que Daniel ha rebuscando en la onda de los Nuggets originales americanos, descartando otros estilos.

Butterflyrobot dijo...

I am glad that many people have been enjoying what I have done. I am also very happy to know that there are people enjoying the work of our musicians and that I can help bring a bit of our country to your ears. These artists never got enough appreciation at the time.

I have read many comments and its good to see what people think and take the time to participate. I am intrigued by Robs 12 songs and its good to know there is love out there for the song "face in the crowd." They are a group that never broke nationally and overlooked by many writers. They did many singles and they have never been comped. I had considered another song "Fall on you" for inclusion but "Face in the crowd" was their crowning glory.

Thanks to Jose who is quick to encourage us and offer praise. Long may he and his blog live.

Psychfan dijo...

Many thanks to Daniel and Jose. Much appreciated!

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Daniel (Butterflyrobot)
For me it has been a pleasure to share this adventure with you.
After many years making and listening to other people's compilations, I have learned to distinguish those made with care, dedication and enthusiasm from others made at full speed.
It is like food, there is "fast food" and food made with time and love.
Fortunately your works are in the first group.
We will continue with more adventures!
Greetings from Spain.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Hi Psychfan:
Thanks for your words.
Is a great collection.

zipper dijo...

Nice collection...many thanks.

jose kortozirkuito dijo...

Yes Zipper
Is a great Daniel compilation.
Best wishes